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October 2017
Wed 2511amThere and back again - an OdysseyRead moreBook Now
Wed 258pmJohn Illsley and his bandRead moreBook Now
Thu 262pmThe Three MusketeersRead moreBook Now
Thu 268pmRoss and Ali TrioRead moreBook Now
Sat 288pmFleetwood BacRead moreBook Now
Sun 292pmHairy Maclary and FriendsRead moreBook Now
Sun 294pmHairy Maclary and FriendsRead moreBook Now
November 2017
Wed 18pmHarrow FairRead moreBook Now
Thu 27.30pmMedusaRead moreBook Now
Thu 28pmFirst Thursday Comedy Club in RamsbottomRead moreBook Now
Thu 28.30pmFirst Thursday Comedy Club in BuryRead moreBook Now
Fri 38pmBella HardyRead moreBook Now
Sat 48pmTrio DhooreRead moreBook Now
Sat 48.30pmMike Joyce (The Smiths) Club NightRead moreBook Now
Mon 67pmIntroduction to Sound RecordingRead moreBook Now
Tue 77pmShakespeare Schools FestivalRead more
Wed 87pmShakespeare Schools FestivalRead more
Thu 98pmHot Club of CowtownRead moreBook Now
Fri 108pmElephant SessionsRead moreBook Now
Fri 108pmNancy Kerr and The Sweet Visitor BandRead moreBook Now
Sat 112pmThe Hunting of the SnarkRead moreBook Now
Sat 119pmMartin Stephenson and The DainteesRead moreBook Now
Sun 128pmOmar Sosa and Seckou KeitaRead moreBook Now
Tue 148pmEddi ReaderRead moreBook Now
Wed 158pmCollision CourseRead moreBook Now
Thu 167.30pmClare Teal DuoRead moreBook Now
Thu 168pmBlue Rose CodeRead moreBook Now
Fri 178pmREWSRead moreBook Now
Sat 187pmWorry DollsRead moreBook Now
Sat 188pmCaravanRead moreBook Now
Wed 225pmFrigg's Finnish Fiddle Tunes WorkshopRead moreBook Now
Wed 227.30pmFrigg (Finland)Read moreBook Now
Thu 237.30pmMata Hari - Female SpyRead moreBook Now
Thu 238pmDuke SpecialRead moreBook Now
Fri 247pmYvonne LyonRead moreBook Now
Fri 248pmChina CrisisRead moreBook Now
Sat 257pmFeralRead moreBook Now
Sat 258pmTom RussellRead moreBook Now
Sun 264pmManchester Acoustic Blues FestivalRead moreBook Now
Thu 307.30pmHancock and CoRead moreBook Now
Thu 308pmMolsky's Mountain DriftersRead moreBook Now
December 2017
Fri 17.30pmTaliskRead moreBook Now
Fri 18pmNo Room for SquaresRead moreBook Now
Sat 28pmNearly Dan in concertRead moreBook Now
Tue 58pmSt. Agnes FountainRead moreBook Now
Thu 78pmAynsley ListerRead moreBook Now
Thu 78pmFirst Thursday Comedy Club in RamsbottomRead moreBook Now
Thu 78.30pmFirst Thursday Comedy Club in BuryRead moreBook Now
Fri 87.30pmThe Lock In 'Christmas Carol'Read moreBook Now
Sat 91pmThe SnowmanRead moreBook Now
Sat 94pmThe SnowmanRead moreBook Now
Sat 98pmThe SnowmanRead moreBook Now
Sat 98.15pmMostly AutumnRead moreBook Now
Mon 118pmThe Dylan ProjectRead moreBook Now
Wed 138pmAlexis Taylor and Green GartsideRead moreBook Now
Thu 148pmLemn SissayRead moreBook Now
Fri 158pmAlbion Christmas ShowRead moreBook Now
Sat 168.30pmThe ExactersRead moreBook Now
Wed 2011amSanta's Little HelperRead moreBook Now
Wed 202pmSanta's Little HelperRead moreBook Now
Thu 2111amSanta's Little HelperRead moreBook Now
Thu 212pmSanta's Little HelperRead moreBook Now
Thu 218pmO'Hooley and TidowRead moreBook Now
Fri 2211amSanta's Little HelperRead moreBook Now
Fri 222pmSanta's Little HelperRead moreBook Now
Sat 2311amSanta's Little HelperRead moreBook Now
Sat 232pmSanta's Little HelperRead moreBook Now
Sun 2411amSanta's Little HelperRead moreBook Now
Sun 241pmSanta's Little HelperRead moreBook Now
January 2018
Sat 138pmIQRead moreBook Now
Wed 178pmLuke Jackson and Amy WadgeRead moreBook Now
Sat 208pmJean GenieRead moreBook Now
Wed 248pmGriff Rhys JonesRead moreBook Now
Thu 258pmMartyn JosephRead moreBook Now
February 2018
Fri 28pmShake the ChainsRead moreBook Now
Sat 38pmRuby TurnerRead moreBook Now
Sat 108pmSam BakerRead moreBook Now
Thu 157.30pmStephen BaileyRead moreBook Now
Sat 178pmVonda ShepardRead moreBook Now
Wed 218pmOrphan ColoursRead moreBook Now
Thu 228pmMark NevinRead moreBook Now
Fri 238pmMartin Harley and Daniel KimbroRead moreBook Now
March 2018
Thu 18pmThe Ennis Sisters + Dave GunningRead moreBook Now
Wed 77.30pmRock of Ages High School EditionRead moreBook Now
Thu 87.30pmRock of Ages High School EditionRead moreBook Now
Fri 97.30pmRock of Ages High School EditionRead moreBook Now
Fri 97.30pmSon of Town HallRead moreBook Now
Sat 102.30pmRock of Ages High School EditionRead moreBook Now
Sat 107.30pmRock of Ages High School EditionRead moreBook Now
Sat 108pmStick In The WheelRead moreBook Now
Thu 158pmPolice Dog HoganRead moreBook Now
Sat 178pmAly Bain and Phil CunninghamRead moreBook Now
Thu 228pmMoya BrennanRead moreBook Now
Fri 238pmShowaddywaddyRead moreBook Now
Sat 317.30pmThe Houghton WeaversRead moreBook Now
April 2018
Fri 68pmLiveWireRead moreBook Now
Thu 128pmDeclan O'RourkeRead moreBook Now
Sat 148pmKris DreverRead moreBook Now
Wed 257.30pmBIG - The MusicalRead moreBook Now
Thu 267.30pmBIG - The MusicalRead moreBook Now
Fri 277.30pmBIG - The MusicalRead moreBook Now
Sat 282.30pmBIG - The MusicalRead moreBook Now
Sat 287.30pmBIG - The MusicalRead moreBook Now
May 2018
Thu 178pmRadio ActiveRead moreBook Now