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March 2015
Wed 47.30pmElizabeth I: Virgin on the RidiculousRead moreBook Now
Thu 58pmUnited We StandRead moreBook Now
Thu 58.30pmFirst Thursday Comedy Club at The MetRead moreBook Now
Fri 68pmLuke Jackson and Amy WadgeRead moreBook Now
Fri 68pmThe SelecterRead moreBook Now
Sat 78pmO'Hooley and Tidow, Lady Maisery and Grace PetrieRead moreBook Now
Wed 117.30pmBrokeRead moreBook Now
Wed 118pmGary and Vera AspeyRead moreBook Now
Thu 128pmJudith OwenRead moreBook Now
Fri 138pmThe PooziesRead moreBook Now
Sat 148pmYvonne LyonRead moreBook Now
Wed 188pmSheelanagigRead moreBook Now
Fri 208pmScottish Falsetto Sock Puppet TheatreRead moreBook Now
Sat 212pm24 Hour Folk-a-thonRead moreBook Now
Sat 218pmDreadzoneRead moreBook Now
Wed 257.30pmGhost the MusicalRead moreBook Now
Thu 267.30pmGhost the MusicalRead moreBook Now
Thu 268pmMetro Jazz ShowRead moreBook Now
Fri 277.30pmGhost the MusicalRead moreBook Now
Sat 282.30pmGhost the MusicalRead moreBook Now
Sat 287.30pmGhost the MusicalRead moreBook Now
April 2015
Thu 28pmKathryn Roberts and Sean LakemanRead moreBook Now
Thu 28.30pmFirst Thursday Comedy Club at The MetRead moreBook Now
Fri 38pmJaywalkers with Little RachRead moreBook Now
Sat 43pmCaptain Flinn and The Pirate DinosaursRead moreBook Now
Sat 45pmCaptain Flinn and The Pirate DinosaursRead moreBook Now
Thu 98pmRANTRead moreBook Now
Fri 108pmMad Dog McreaRead moreBook Now
Fri 108.30pmAbsolutionRead moreBook Now
Sat 118pmKing Pleasure and the Biscuit BoysRead moreBook Now
Wed 158pmBandersnatchRead moreBook Now
Thu 168pmDuke SpecialRead moreBook Now
Fri 178pmBob FoxRead moreBook Now
Sat 188pmBefore the DawnRead moreBook Now
Wed 228pmPlastic FigurinesRead moreBook Now
Thu 238pmKris Drever and Boo HewerdineRead moreBook Now
Fri 248pmJohn HegleyRead moreBook Now
Fri 248pmJonny and the BaptistsRead moreBook Now
Wed 297.30pmStreet FeetRead moreBook Now
Thu 308pmBella HardyRead moreBook Now
Thu 308pmChristina MartinRead moreBook Now
May 2015
Fri 18pmESKARead moreBook Now
Sat 28pmInner Vision OrchestraRead moreBook Now
Wed 67.30pmNorsesomeRead moreBook Now
Thu 78pmThe Young'unsRead moreBook Now
Fri 88pmMud MorganfieldRead moreBook Now
Sat 98pmRoss and JarlathRead moreBook Now
Wed 138pmLouise JordanRead moreBook Now
Thu 148pmBlueflintRead moreBook Now
Fri 158pmTerry ChristianRead moreBook Now
Sat 168pmJames GrantRead moreBook Now
Sat 168.30pmJean GenieRead moreBook Now
Wed 208pmNew Dawn FadesRead moreBook Now
Thu 218pmPeatbog FaeriesRead moreBook Now
Fri 228pmAn Evening of Public Shaming with Jon RonsonRead moreBook Now
Sat 238.15pmMostly AutumnRead moreBook Now
Sun 248pmApril Verch BandRead moreBook Now
Wed 278pmAn Evening with Gervase PhinnRead moreBook Now
Thu 288pm300 - 1 and Monkey PoetRead moreBook Now
Thu 288pmEliza Carthy and Tim EriksenRead moreBook Now
Sat 308pmChuck ProphetRead moreBook Now
June 2015
Wed 38pmMonsieur DoumaniRead moreBook Now
Thu 48pmFrom the Cradle to the BinRead moreBook Now
Fri 58pmFairport ConventionRead moreBook Now
Wed 108pmThe Hut PeopleRead moreBook Now
Thu 118pmAviators' BallRead moreBook Now
Fri 128pmAndy Cutting, Nancy Kerr and Martin SimpsonRead moreBook Now
Sat 138pmWhole Lotta LedRead moreBook Now
Thu 188pmThe East PointersRead moreBook Now
Fri 198pmChris WoodRead moreBook Now
Wed 247.30pmGin and Chronic ArthritisRead moreBook Now
Thu 257.30pmGin and Chronic ArthritisRead moreBook Now
Thu 258pmRobin and Bina WilliamsonRead moreBook Now
Sat 278pmU2 2Read moreBook Now
July 2015
Sat 48pmThe Lancashire HotpotsRead moreBook Now
Wed 88pmChris and Kellie WhileRead moreBook Now
Sat 118pmMoreland and ArbuckleRead moreBook Now
Wed 158pmDesi Friel and MusaicRead moreBook Now
Thu 168.30pmOtis GibbsRead moreBook Now
Fri 178pmEdwina HayesRead moreBook Now
August 2015
Wed 128pmSteve TurnerRead moreBook Now
September 2015
Wed 23pmThe Spooky Men's Chorale WorkshopRead moreBook Now
Wed 28pmThe Spooky Men's ChoraleRead moreBook Now
Wed 98pmDamien Barber & Mike WilsonRead moreBook Now
Thu 248pmThe Houghton WeaversRead moreBook Now
Sat 268pmIQRead moreBook Now
Tue 298pmEd ByrneRead moreBook Now
October 2015
Wed 78pmHicks and GoulbournRead moreBook Now
Fri 98pmVonda ShepardRead moreBook Now
Fri 308pmChina CrisisRead moreBook Now
November 2015
Fri 68pmBeverley CravenRead moreBook Now
Wed 118pmRheingans SistersRead moreBook Now
Thu 128pmJudie TzukeRead moreBook Now
Sat 148.30pmLivewire - The AC/DC ShowRead moreBook Now
December 2015
Wed 98pmHarp and a MonkeyRead moreBook Now
Fri 118pmJustin MoorhouseRead moreBook Now