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February 2016
Sun 78pmTim O'BrienRead moreBook Now
Thu 118pmThe BeatRead moreBook Now
Fri 128pmThe Story of Billy JoelRead moreBook Now
Mon 1511amThe Tap Dancing MermaidRead moreBook Now
Wed 178pmFred's HouseRead moreBook Now
Fri 191pmThe Curious Adventure of PinocchioRead moreBook Now
Sat 208pmMad 4 BritRead moreBook Now
Thu 258pmRob Heron and The Tea Pad OrchestraRead moreBook Now
Sat 278pmBreabachRead moreBook Now
March 2016
Thu 38pmLeveretRead moreBook Now
Thu 38.30pmFirst Thursday Comedy ClubRead moreBook Now
Fri 48pmAndy Fairweather Low & The Low RidersRead moreBook Now
Sat 58pmBlue Rose CodeRead moreBook Now
Sat 58pmU2 2Read moreBook Now
Wed 97.30pmLittle Shop of HorrorsRead moreBook Now
Wed 98pmRed ShoesRead moreBook Now
Thu 107.30pmLittle Shop of HorrorsRead moreBook Now
Thu 108pmMarc O'ReillyRead moreBook Now
Fri 117.30pmLittle Shop of HorrorsRead moreBook Now
Sat 122.30pmLittle Shop of HorrorsRead moreBook Now
Sat 127.30pmLittle Shop of HorrorsRead moreBook Now
Tue 157pmChip Shop ChipsRead moreBook Now
Wed 167pmChip Shop ChipsRead moreBook Now
Thu 177pmChip Shop ChipsRead moreBook Now
Tue 228pmJames GrantRead moreBook Now
Sat 268pmKris DreverRead moreBook Now
April 2016
Sat 211amArnold's Big AdventureRead moreBook Now
Sat 21pmArnold's Big AdventureRead moreBook Now
Sat 22.30pmArnold's Big AdventureRead moreBook Now
Wed 68pmKathryn Roberts & Sean LakemanRead moreBook Now
Thu 78.30pmFirst Thursday Comedy ClubRead moreBook Now
Wed 138pmHot Club of CowtownRead moreBook Now
Wed 208pmFaraRead moreBook Now
Fri 228pmJohn McCuskerRead moreBook Now
May 2016
Thu 58.30pmFirst Thursday Comedy ClubRead moreBook Now
Fri 67.30pmRoisin BanRead moreBook Now
Fri 69pmFlookRead moreBook Now
Sat 710amFamily Vocal WorkshopRead moreBook Now
Sat 710.30amGetting StartedRead moreBook Now
Sat 710.30amThe Whistle and MeRead moreBook Now
Sat 711.30amBeautiful TunesRead moreBook Now
Sat 711.30amGetting BetterRead moreBook Now
Sat 712noonWest My FriendRead moreBook Now
Sat 71pmBand workshopRead moreBook Now
Sat 71pmComposition and the WhistleRead moreBook Now
Sat 72pmBarluathRead moreBook Now
Sat 74pmTechniques and TunesRead moreBook Now
Sat 74pmTrad Flute or Low Whistle?Read moreBook Now
Sat 74.30pmSongs, Tunes and ChatRead moreBook Now
Sat 75pmThe Hut PeopleRead moreBook Now
Sat 77pmRoss Ainslie and Ali HuttonRead moreBook Now
Sat 79pmTreacherous OrchestraRead moreBook Now
Wed 188pmJosienne Clarke & Ben WalkerRead moreBook Now
Thu 268pmBruce MolskyRead moreBook Now
June 2016
Thu 28.30pmFirst Thursday Comedy ClubRead moreBook Now
Thu 98pmAndy Cutting, Nancy Kerr and Martin SimpsonRead moreBook Now
Fri 248pmBlazin' FiddlesRead moreBook Now
July 2016
Thu 78.30pmFirst Thursday Comedy ClubRead moreBook Now
Sun 248pmEve Selis BandRead moreBook Now
October 2016
Wed 128pmBill AdairRead moreBook Now
November 2016
Wed 98pmPete CoeRead moreBook Now