April 2014
Thu 248.15pmEzioRead moreBook Now
Fri 258pmBlue Rose CodeRead moreBook Now
Fri 258pmVin GarbuttRead moreBook Now
Sat 261pmThe Worried WalrusRead moreBook Now
Sat 268pmJames GrantRead moreBook Now
Wed 308pmSherlock HolmesRead moreBook Now
May 2014
Thu 18pmFirst Thursday Comedy Club in RamsbottomRead moreBook Now
Thu 18pmZoot MoneyRead moreBook Now
Thu 18.30pmFirst Thursday Comedy Club at The MetRead moreBook Now
Fri 27.30pmLivewire - The AC/DC ShowRead moreBook Now
Fri 28pmPatsy Reid and FriendsRead moreBook Now
Sat 312midnightText FestivalRead moreBook Now
Sat 32pmBeyond The Dark WouldRead moreBook Now
Sat 33pmKnives Forks and SpoonsRead moreBook Now
Sat 37.30pmConcerted EffortRead more
Sat 38pmDriftRead moreBook Now
Sun 412midnightText FestivalRead moreBook Now
Sun 41pmSound Science and AutomationRead moreBook Now
Wed 78pmThe HoarderRead moreBook Now
Thu 88pmBoo HewerdineRead moreBook Now
Thu 88pmWet Wet Wet's Graeme ClarkRead moreBook Now
Fri 98pmWhole Lotta LedRead moreBook Now
Sat 101pmPirate GranRead moreBook Now
Sat 108pmPaul BradyRead moreBook Now
Sat 108pmThe Ben Cox BandRead moreBook Now
Wed 147pmIntroduction to Sound RecordingRead moreBook Now
Wed 148pmEngland AwayRead moreBook Now
Thu 158pmThird Thursday Comedy Club in PrestwichRead moreBook Now
Fri 168pm4SquareRead moreBook Now
Fri 168pmMerrymouthRead moreBook Now
Sat 178pmThe BeatRead moreBook Now
Sun 188pmEliza GilkysonRead moreBook Now
Mon 195.30pmHarmonica Workshop with Mat WalklateRead moreBook Now
Mon 196.45pmHarmonica Workshop with Mat WalklateRead moreBook Now
Mon 198pmHarmonica Workshop with Mat WalklateRead moreBook Now
Wed 218pmMiriam ErasmusRead moreBook Now
Thu 2212midnightBig Whistle FestivalRead more
Thu 227pmIntroduction to Pro ToolsRead moreBook Now
Thu 228pmFairport Acoustic ConventionRead moreBook Now
Thu 228pmLove Hurts, ActuallyRead moreBook Now
Fri 2312midnightBig Whistle FestivalRead more
Fri 237.30pmNuala Kennedy BandRead moreBook Now
Fri 239.30pmMerry HellRead moreBook Now
Sat 2412midnightBig Whistle FestivalRead more
Sat 2411amGetting StartedRead moreBook Now
Sat 2411amThe Whistle and MeRead moreBook Now
Sat 2412noonMoving OnRead moreBook Now
Sat 241pmAccompaniment, Tunes and TechniquesRead moreBook Now
Sat 241pmEmma Sweeney and Matheu WatsonRead moreBook Now
Sat 242.30pmThe Outside TrackRead moreBook Now
Sat 244pmAdvanced Accompaniment and Rhythm TechniquesRead moreBook Now
Sat 244pmAdvanced FiddleRead moreBook Now
Sat 244pmThe Inside StoryRead moreBook Now
Sat 245pmChris Sherburn and Findlay NapierRead moreBook Now
Sat 248pmKanRead moreBook Now
Sat 2410pmDrop The FloorRead moreBook Now
Tue 2710amThe Full English Family Folk DayRead more
Wed 288pmThe BillsRead moreBook Now
Thu 2912noonLittle HowardRead moreBook Now
Thu 298pmAlbert HammondRead moreBook Now
Thu 298pmWoody MannRead moreBook Now
Fri 307.30pmThe Houghton WeaversRead moreBook Now
Sat 311.30pmOld Macdonald had a FarmRead moreBook Now
Sat 317.30pmJames Hickman and Dan CassidyRead moreBook Now
Sat 318.30pmMostly AutumnRead moreBook Now
June 2014
Wed 48pmJohn DoyleRead moreBook Now
Wed 48pmThe SojournersRead moreBook Now
Thu 58pmFirst Thursday Comedy Club in RamsbottomRead moreBook Now
Thu 58.30pmFirst Thursday Comedy Club at The MetRead moreBook Now
Fri 68pmMy Darling ClementineRead moreBook Now
Fri 68pmSweet Baby JamesRead moreBook Now
Sat 78pmThe Blues BandRead moreBook Now
Sat 78pmThe Lancashire HotpotsRead moreBook Now
Sat 78.30pmThe Idle HandsRead moreBook Now
Wed 118pmPeter ButlerRead moreBook Now
Thu 127.30pmWalking on the RoofRead moreBook Now
Fri 138pmEliza and Martin CarthyRead moreBook Now
Sat 148pmThe PaperboysRead moreBook Now
Mon 1610amUsing Folk Music and Song to Enhance Learning in SchoolsRead moreBook Now
Thu 198pmMoreland and ArbuckleRead moreBook Now
Thu 198pmThird Thursday Comedy Club in PrestwichRead moreBook Now
Fri 208pmThe EnidRead moreBook Now
Wed 258pmBella HardyRead moreBook Now
Thu 268pmDear DaughterRead moreBook Now
Fri 278pmDervishRead moreBook Now
July 2014
Thu 38pmFirst Thursday Comedy Club in RamsbottomRead moreBook Now
Thu 38.30pmFirst Thursday Comedy Club at The MetRead moreBook Now
Wed 98pmHannah James and Alastair VannanRead moreBook Now
Fri 118pmThree Bonzos and a PianoRead moreBook Now
Sat 128pmBig Boy BloaterRead moreBook Now
Thu 178pmGordie Mackeeman and his Rhythm BoysRead moreBook Now
Thu 178pmThird Thursday Comedy Club in PrestwichRead moreBook Now
Fri 188pmLarry MillerRead moreBook Now
Sat 198pmEve Selis DuoRead moreBook Now
Thu 248pmOtis GibbsRead moreBook Now
Mon 2810amIntroduction to Sound RecordingRead moreBook Now
August 2014
Mon 410amIntroduction to Sound RecordingRead moreBook Now
Thu 78pmFirst Thursday Comedy Club in RamsbottomRead moreBook Now
Thu 78.30pmFirst Thursday Comedy Club at The MetRead moreBook Now
Wed 138pmSunjay BrayneRead moreBook Now
September 2014
Thu 48pmFirst Thursday Comedy Club in RamsbottomRead moreBook Now
Thu 48.30pmFirst Thursday Comedy Club at The MetRead moreBook Now
Thu 118pmRoddy WoombleRead moreBook Now
Fri 127.30pmA Night at The MoviesRead moreBook Now
Sat 138pmSteve HoweRead moreBook Now
Wed 178pmBernard CromartyRead moreBook Now
Thu 258pmSam Sweeney's FiddleRead moreBook Now
Fri 268pmHome ServiceRead moreBook Now
October 2014
Thu 98pmBeverly CravenRead moreBook Now
Thu 98pmJim DiamondRead moreBook Now
Sat 118pmIQRead moreBook Now
Wed 158pmChris RoganRead moreBook Now
Thu 1612midnightHomegrownRead more
Thu 168pmSpiro / LeveretRead moreBook Now
Fri 1712midnightHomegrownRead more
Fri 177.30pmFisherman's Friends / The Will Pound Band / The Hut PeopleRead moreBook Now
Fri 178pmFaustus / Lisa Knapp BandRead moreBook Now
Sat 1812midnightHomegrownRead more
Sat 1811amFamily Folk ShowRead moreBook Now
Sat 181.30pmMelrose Quartet / Luke Daniels Trio / Kathryn Roberts and Sean LakemanRead moreBook Now
Sat 182pmBrighouse and Rastrick Brass Band / Lucy WardRead moreBook Now
Sat 187.30pmShow of Hands / Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin / The Old Dance SchoolRead moreBook Now
Sat 188pmNizlopi / Cocos LoversRead moreBook Now
Sat 188pmThe Young'uns / Bella Hardy and Cara LuftRead moreBook Now
Wed 227.30pmThe Addams FamilyRead moreBook Now
Thu 237.30pmThe Addams FamilyRead moreBook Now
Fri 247.30pmThe Addams FamilyRead moreBook Now
Sat 252.30pmThe Addams FamilyRead moreBook Now
Sat 257.30pmThe Addams FamilyRead moreBook Now
Thu 302pmHugless DouglasRead moreBook Now
Fri 318pmChina CrisisRead moreBook Now
November 2014
Sat 18pmLuka BloomRead moreBook Now
Thu 68pmKiki Dee and Carmelo LuggeriRead moreBook Now
Sat 88pmSharon ShannonRead moreBook Now
Wed 128pmWinter WilsonRead moreBook Now
Thu 138pmJulia FordhamRead moreBook Now
Fri 148pmThe Hot Club of CowtownRead moreBook Now
Sat 158pmHicks and GoulbournRead moreBook Now
Sat 158pmMamaRead moreBook Now
Tue 188pmNancy Kerr and The Sweet Visitor BandRead moreBook Now
December 2014
Wed 108pmThe Daily BeggarsRead moreBook Now
Tue 161.30pmHansel and GretelRead moreBook Now
Wed 1710.30amHansel and GretelRead moreBook Now
Wed 171.30pmHansel and GretelRead moreBook Now
Thu 1810.30amHansel and GretelRead moreBook Now
Thu 181.30pmHansel and GretelRead moreBook Now
Fri 193pmHansel and GretelRead moreBook Now
Fri 197pmHansel and GretelRead moreBook Now
Sat 2011amHansel and GretelRead moreBook Now
Sat 203pmHansel and GretelRead moreBook Now
Sun 2111amHansel and GretelRead moreBook Now
Sun 213pmHansel and GretelRead moreBook Now
Mon 2211amHansel and GretelRead moreBook Now
Mon 223pmHansel and GretelRead moreBook Now
Tue 2311amHansel and GretelRead moreBook Now
Tue 233pmHansel and GretelRead moreBook Now
Wed 2411amHansel and GretelRead moreBook Now
Wed 243pmHansel and GretelRead moreBook Now