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Friday, July 3, 2015

My Week of Work Experience at The Met by Georgia – Grace Merriman

I was told by school I was to undertake a week of  work experience. I wasn’t looking forward to it but my mum told me I should go to The Met, because she knew it well and trusts the people there. So I agreed.


When she first took me in it was scary; such a big building, so many people I didn’t know and dealing with the public. We met Hannah first and she was friendly and kind and I got a tour of the building by the marketing manager Nick, a friend of my mums. We saw the theatre, foyer, automatic cafe, dressing rooms, studios, attic rooms and the old hotel stairs.


I then went with Hannah to the upstairs rooms to she could show me how to organise print. We talked on the way up and down the stairs and I realised she had autism, like me. I then printed tickets, enveloped and franked them with a really cool machine. We posted them later that afternoon. At the end of the day I had gained more confidence by being around a lot of people I was starting to get to know better.



On Tuesday Hannah introduced me to a listings website called Ents24 (A listings website is where you can track a particular artist), she showed me how to add new events. After our lunch I observed Hannah working at the box office with customers who came to buy tickets using ticketsolve (This is where we book seating and ticket prices). I though it looked easy enough for me to do.



Wednesday was the day I learned the basics of social media focusing mainly on Facebook, and I also gave great ideas with it too like “Get that Friday feeling a day early!”. Hannah thought it was great J! Whilst we had our dinner upstairs we talked about new skills we could develop in the workplace with our autism. I was put to work on another listing site called Songkick (the difference is that Songkick is just for music whereas Ents24 is for theatre productions as well as music). I then helped sign in children for a theatre workshop.



On Thursday I helped set up seating arrangements for a show happening that night. I also went out with my supervisor to collect sales figures for The Ramsbottom Festival’s 5th Birthday Chocolate Bar sold all around Bury. After lunch I helped with more social media but focusing on Twitter this time. We scheduled tweets on tweetdeck for different types of shows.



On my final day Avis (the box office supervisor) showed me how the box office system works. I also took part in the staff meeting, printed and franked more out-going mail and gave gifts as a “Thank you for having me”.


Overall I had a great time at The Met and a pretty good time getting to know Hannah and find out how alike we are. Also it was good to meet and get to know the other people I worked with. I have learnt a lot of new skills thanks to everyone at The Met, I can hopefully take these skills to my everyday life and school.