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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Exciting Young Folk and Bluegrass Band Jaywalkers come to The Met

The exciting, young trio Jaywalkers will be coming to The Met, Bury on Friday 3 April 8pm. Theses former BBC Young Folk Award finalists are touring their third studio album, Weave, which sees them further expanding their musical horizons at all levels. Together they effortlessly fuse elements of Bluegrass and Folk and the music Jaywalkers create is in­novative, rooted deeply in tradition, and exhilarating. The night promises to be an entertaining and foot stomping evening and is not to be missed.


‘A joy to watch… great stage presence with top-quality musicianshipR2 Magazine?


Most of their songs are written/inspired by stories and poetry from Mike’s home county of Lancashire. The history of the area only really starts around the time of the Industrial Revolution when the cotton industry arrived. So, the main theme running through the album is a study of the hardships of life in the Lancashire working classes. There are moments of playful respite – the two instrumentals are meant to be fast, playful up-tempo tunes – but the songs tell tales of protest, poverty, fight for freedom and, as is inevitable with folk songs, death.


‘Astounding abilities and proficient talents… the chemistry between them is electrifying’ Maverick Magazine


Unlike their previous two albums, which were done on little to no budgets, the third album finds the band working with an established producer and having full online and digital distribution. The larger budget for this has partly come courtesy of Help Musicians UK, who offered the band an ‘Emerging Excellence Award’ for young artists working in any genre of music. This meant the band were able to work with the fantastic Andy Bell, who engineered and produced the album. Considered by many to be the top folk producer working on the British Folk Scene, Andy won a Folk Award for best album with the Full English project last year. The Emerging Excellence Award also enabled them to work with an illustrator to design the album and record most of it at Wavelength Studios in Doncaster, used by artists such as Martin Simpson and Jon Boden.

Jaywalkers will be supported by singer-songwriter Little Rach, whose beautifully pure voice, and a true sensibility for live performance, her songs that will make you laugh, cry, and wonder.

Tickets are £12 / £10 concessions and are available online at www.themet.biz or at the box office on 0161 761 2216.



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Notes to Editors:


Individual Biographies

Mike Giverin:

Mandolin / Guitar / Backing Vocals

Born in Rochdale, 1989, first instrument was a baritone horn, which I played in the Whitworth Vale and Healey brass band aged 8 to 13. Eventually the “play this note and only this note” creation-zapping world that the brass band scene can be became a bit boring and I gave it up. Aged 14 my dad dragged me to a Nickel Creek concert, where I saw Chris Thile play mandolin. I came out wanting to play everything he did and I’m still trying to do so 11 years later. My main influences are the top mandolin players – Thile, Mike Marshall, Sam Bush, Adam Steffey – but I draw musical inspiration from all genres ranging from Bach and his solo violin pieces to Charlie Parker and the Jazz greats to Lau and the other great folk bands working on the UK scene.

As well as Jaywalkers I joined another folk band – 4Square – in March 2013 and have recently come off a 12-date tour with a pop (y)/folk (y) singer songwriter called Janet Devlin.

When not touring, practicing or wading through the mountain of admin that comes with being a self-employed musician, I’m a keen birdwatcher and volunteer at Burton Mere Wetlands, my local RSPB reserve.


Jay Bradberry

Fiddle / Guitar / Lead Vocals


Born in Chester, 1992, my first instruments were technically a plethora of guitars, keyboards and percussive toys that I was allowed to mess with as soon as I developed a pincer grip; starting to sing on stage with my Dad and Uncle on the Country Music scene from the age of 4. At the age of 8, I set my sights on the fiddle and, delving straight into fiddle tunes, I attended weekly sessions to find like-minded friends to play with. Since then, it’s been a case of discovering and challenging myself with new fiddle styles: sometimes by accident (e.g a friend who played a lot of Cajun tunes) and sometimes by necessity (e.g. a Western Swing band I dep with) in a continuing effort to become as versatile a fiddler as possible. All of my influences stem from my Bluegrass listening; starting with the Alison Krauss I listened to when I first began playing to the progressive influences of Casey Driessen and the teachings and graduates of the Berkley American course.

When I’m not working with Jaywalkers in some shape or form, I am all over the Cheshire countryside doing peripatetic violin teaching in primary schools. If I’m not doing either of those, I’m either at the zoo or sewing something adventurous.


Lucille Williams

Double Bass / Backing Vocals


I come from a musical family in the Bluegrass hotbed of Helsby in Cheshire. I was taught from a young age by Dad, Bryn and older brothers, Stu and Russ. I attended Bluegrass festivals and sessions as a child and teenager and it was here I met Mike and Jay. It was my brother Stu who taught Jay and Mike to play fiddle and mandolin.

When not in Jaywalkers, I am also in a Western Swing ban called The Rip Roaring Success with my other brother, Russ. My bass playing takes a lot of influence from this genre, hence the slap bass technique I sometimes use in the Jaywalkers set.



16 Miles (2010)

Early for a Thursday (2012)

Weave (2015)


Contact Information:


Jaywalkers – www.jaywalkers.co.uk

Email: info@jaywalkers.co.uk