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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Otis Gibbs’ real deal American folk

Met favourite Otis Gibbs returns to Bury, performing on Friday 25 October at 8pm.


Otis Gibbs is often referred to as a folk artist, but that is a simplistic way to describe a man with an amazing past. Otis has planted over 7,000 trees, slept in hobo jungles, walked with nomadic shepherds in Romania, was a fifth grade yo-yo champion and once wrestled a bear (and lost).


He has spent the last fifteen years travelling across America and abroad documenting this world, and has a story to share about each stop along the way. He has played countless theatres, festivals, bars and house concerts and has managed to carve out a living, while remaining happily independent.


Much of Otis’ work concentrates on the world ignored by pop culture. Sometimes forgotten, obsolete, or simply marginalized. His sixth album, Harder Than Hammered Hell, was inspired by experiences Otis had when he worked as a tree-planter where his elderly co-worker would describe ground that is too hard to dig as, “harder than hammered hell.” He would also use the phrase when referring to a difficult job, or a particularly tough person. Otis found it a fitting metaphor for the difficulties of leading a creative life.


Tickets to see Otis Gibbs perform at The Met are £12. For more information or to book tickets phone 0161 761 2216 or go online at www.themet.biz.