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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Celebrate The History of English Carols with Coope, Boyes and Simpson

The Met welcomes Coope, Boyes and Simpson amongst others with festival show Sing All Earth – A History of Carols on Thursday 15 December at 8pm.

Celebrating the history of the English carol, famous acapella folk singers Coope, Boyes and Simpson bring a unique show celebrating the festival season.


From medieval story songs to gentle lullabies for the nativity to full throated wassails encouraging the sharing of food and drink and soaring, richly harmonised seasonal hymns, the spirit of Christmas has long been celebrated with songs in England. And behind each part of this fascinating history are little known stories of eighteenth century blacksmiths and show makers who wrote oratorios and carols which are still sung today, the famous English carol that was banished to the chamber of horrors by an even more famous English composer and why one Christmas favourite is sung to over one hundred different tunes – though most people only know one.


Full of unexpected, compelling and at times highly amusing historical detail, Sing All Earth combines the incomparable acapella voices and wonderful harmonies of Coope Boyes and Simpson, Fi Fraser, Jo Freya and Georgina Boyes with new insights into the sound of the season.


“The powerful, utterly distinctive harmonies of Coope Boyes and Simpson with the additional vocal tones of the Fraser sisters and Georgina Boyes produce a dense, resonant sonority…Here are songs from Albion’s past to be enjoyed at any other season but since it’s that time of year…light the candles, sot close by the fire and wallow in the aural gorgeousness of Coope, Boyes, Simpson, Fraser, Freya and Boyes.” BBC Radio 2


Tickets are £14, £12 concessions. To book call the ticket office on 0161 7612216 or go on line at www.themet.biz



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