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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Enid to Perform at The Met for the First time in 15 Years

Prog rock legends The Enid return to the live circuit for the first time in fifteen years, for an epic and eagerly awaited tour, with a performance at The Met on Thursday 24 March at 8pm.

Robert John Godfrey formed The Enid in 1974, which emerged as a radical alternative for all young people who couldn\’t identify with punk, but were looking for a fresh, provocative, different and challenging form of music.

By 1983, Tommy Vance had dubbed them \”The Biggest Cult Band In Europe\” and became the first band ever to self fund their recordings with fans\’ contributions in advance.

Having disbanded in the late eighties, Robert completely rediscovered his musical muse five years ago and has now lovingly reformed The Enid with original drummer Dave Storey plus new young recruits Jason Ducker on guitars, Max Read on vocals and keyboards and Nicholas Willes on bass and percussion.

Last year saw the completion of The Enid\’s new major work, Journey\’s End – powerful, romantic, uplifting, thought provoking and thoroughly English. The band are now set to embark on a series of tours to support Journey\’s End and also the releases past albums In The Region Of The Summer Stars and Aerie Faerie Nonsense on CD.

Tickets are £17. Please note that this event is standing. To book tickets for this event please call the ticket office on 0161 761 2216 or go on line www.themet.biz