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Theatre & Drama

Thursday 14
March 2013

Derby Hall At The Met

£6 Concession

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Red Ladder Theatre Company

Noel's from a decent background, not rich, but not poor either. He's grown up comfortably, but he's ambitious. When he lands a prestigious job at one of the country's leading financial institutions he's apparently on the road to success until Ray, a senior trader at the firm, persuades him that he could have more. What Ray proposes isn't supposed to be illegal, it just involves bending the rules and manipulating the system.

But when their activity is exposed, Ray denies all knowledge and Noel ends up facing his worst nightmare: prison. Noel has to quickly learn how to cope in a truly brutal environment. Only the strong survive and there's no room for empathy if you want to thrive.

A searing, funny and thought-provoking new play from Ben Tagoe (Cold Turkey at Nana's - Oran Mor / Perth Theatre, Bittersweet Sunshine - Red Ladder and BBC Writers Academy), The Thing about Psychopaths asks important questions about power and empathy in modern Britain.

Ages 14+

A Pick 'n' Mix event.