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Folk Music

Friday 31
January 2014

The Box At The Met


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An evening of abject misery

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From deepest, darkest Cheshire, land of perpetual twilight, emerge rambling radio roustabout Mark Radcliffe and Foes. As opposed to friends.

With a selection of songs to burn coffins to, these misanthropic minstrels; these downbeat Dee bank dirgesmiths; these glum-pop pall-bearers of bar-room bathos bring tales of loss, regret, ruin, heartbreak and dead dogs. Mark's previous band The Family Mahone specialised in drinking songs. Now feel the full force of the hangover as the Foes set the morning after the night before to music.

Joining Mark, thanks to a care-in-the-community placement programme, are former Mahones Chris Lee, the dark prince of the mandolin; and Rusty Mabbutt, still striving to achieve two pin-falls and a submission over the piano accordion. Noted Northwich bowler-hatted bare-knuckle knave Mark Woolley is also on hand to lend lilting whistle and to hit a box with barely concealed menace. To avoid the need for electronic tagging, Rusty's legal advocate Sir Charles Cargill QC demonstrates why he's the finest bassist at the bar. And the bar.

So, encounter the Foes and an evening of abject misery is guaranteed.