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Theatre & Drama

Saturday 25
November 2017

The Box At The Met

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Created and performed by Sonya Moorhead

Ever wondered if you missed your chance to be wild? Sonya lives in a terraced house with her partner and kids. She does a lot of recycling and worrying. She's an artist and loves swimming outdoors but at 35 years old, she's definitely not the wild woman she thought she'd be. Frustrated by the 'mental load' of domestic life, she fears she's missed her chance.

In 2017, Sonya and her friend head off on a hitchhiking mission to Oban to interview 60's folk legend, notorious wild child and their long-time heroine, Anne Briggs. Sonya wants to ask Anne what drives people to take risks, what really happens when you walk out of your life and what do 'wild women' do as they grow older. Feral is Sonya's personal journey to unravel and compare her daydreams and the reality of social conditioning. Harnessing live music by The Greyhounds, circus tricks, storytelling and audio, Feral tells an intimate story with relevant, universal application empowering audiences to make wilder choices to benefit their health."

(Mental health charities and the NHS cite figures suggesting women juggling careers, families and aging relatives are diagnosed as suffering from depression and anxiety more than any other social group, 1 in 4 women between 40 and 60 experience mental health disorders; an increase of 20% over 15 years. Feral creates a platform for debate, asking why women are taking on more 'mental load'.)

Feral is grateful for the support, time and space provided by The Boo, Horse and Bamboo Theatre, Rossendale and Todmorden Folk Festival.

Feral is directed by Debs Newbold and performed with The Greyhounds.