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Tuesday 26
April 2011

Wednesday 27
April 2011

Thursday 28
April 2011


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Phil Minton is an extraordinary vocal experimenter with a global reputation for helping singers and non-singers to strengthen their voices in totally unexpected ways.

His Feral Choir project is a remarkable series of vocal workshops for non-professionals, leading up to performances. The choir consists of a three day workshop and performance, not only for singers but for anyone who takes a delight in the freedom to experiment. Participants take a vocal leap and explore all vocal possibilities through exercises and improvisations, over the workshop period, leading to the concert - which will be part of the international Text Festival.

Feral Choir workshops and performances have been held in many places around the world including Berlin, Tokyo, Bologna, Antwerp, Paris, Oakland, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro, Rotterdam, Zurich, and Warsaw.

The choirs have been made up of professionals, sometimes actors and musicians, but many have been amateur groups with no previous musical interest or experience. The experiences of the participants have been overwhelmingly positive.

The workshops normally begin with laughter, a non-verbal 'vocal technique' which uses the voice in spontaneous, inventive and sometimes very extreme way.

It is not necessary for participants to commit to the full three days although the first one is important.

The workshops will culminate in an event at Bury Parish Church on 30 April at 4pm.