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Thursday 11
June 2015

The Box At The Met


This event has now passed


Matt Owens

Matt Owens has been a creative component of Manchester's vibrant music scene writing, arranging and playing bass with acts such as Kirsty Almeida, La Gran Descarga, Baked A La Ska, The Wagon Train, Rioghnach Connolly and The Magic Beans. This summer he is releasing his debut album The Aviators' Ball which incorporates elements of jazz, world, classical and folk music.

Owens set out to create a melodic album where simple melodies would be enriched by using differing textures and arrangements and one that would absorb the listener from start to finish. The album was co-produced by Kirsty Almeida, mixed by John Ellis at Limefield Studio, Manchester and released by All Made Up Records. Alongside Matt Owens the album features Rioghnach Connolly (vocals) Neil Yates (trumpet) and John Ellis (piano).

'The Aviators' Ball is the perfect soundtrack to a film not yet realised, and one of the most gorgeous albums you'll hear this year.' Echoes Magazine

'the genuineness of its eclectic, yesteryear approach, the persuasive strength of its endearingly tuneful hooks and arrangements make it utterly irresistible - certainly a delightful musical diversion.' AP reviews