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Thursday 24
July 2014

The Box At The Met


This event has now passed


Souvenirs Of A Misspent Youth

Met and Ramsbottom Festival favourite Otis Gibbs has spent the last seventeen years travelling across America and has a story to share about each stop along the way. As honest and authentic as it gets, this Nashville singer and songwriter has planted 7,176 trees in his lifetime, slept in hobo jungles, walked with Romanian shepherds and wrestled a bear (he lost). His songs tell brutally realistic stories of the struggle to survive in contemporary America.

New record Souvenirs Of A Misspent Youth was partially inspired by his father, a man who rode a Harley Davidson Chopper, sang along to Jerry Lee Lewis records and spent thirty years throwing 100 pound bags of starch into boxcars for 1.85 an hour. He retired with a worn out back, a bad shoulder and a cheap certificate in a cardboard frame, and told Otis they were his 'Souvenirs Of A Misspent Youth.'